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Exclusive: How Indian DRDO did a surgical strike on Chinese minds

While the nation is closely following the ongoing India China standoff in Ladakh the DRDO has silently pulled up a coup that can now be considered akin to a psychological surgical strike...

Exclusive: Has China Supplied latest QBZ-95B AR to Pakistani Terrorists?

In what may be called new evidence of Chinese meddling and direct abetment of Pakistani terrorist activities in Kashmir, the latest “Made in China” QBZ-95B assault rifle has been recovered by the...

Exclusive: New Pakistani Tank, Al-Khalid-I Has Latest Chinese Technology

While India remains preoccupied with an ongoing standoff with China at Ladakh, China has not only amassed troops at the Indian border but also has continued to enhance the offensive capabilities of...

Exclusive: Chinese Tanks in Pakistani Army

While India faces Chinese Aggression in Ladakh it cannot shy away from the “Two Front War” scenario which means both Pakistan and China attacking India simultaneously. China has been nourishing Pakistan with...

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