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Exclusive: Air India One, PM’s High-tech New Plane Landed in Delhi

In the last week of Aug 2020, India was likely to receive the first of two VVIP business jet that will be used to fly India’s Prime minister, President, and Vice- President....

Exclusive: Indian Navy New Submarine Hunter “ROMEO”

A submarine is the most potent threat for any naval battle group or an individual watercraft. It could turn a healthy ship into wreckage in a matter of minutes and can cause...

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Exclusive: How China is Preparing for More Attacks in Ladakh

Due to the ongoing India China border standoff, the Indian Army is on high alert and from the last few days, continuous clashes have...

Exclusive: India discussing the purchase of Sprut Light tanks from Russia

Due to the ongoing India China border standoff in Ladakh, both nations have deployed their tanks on the border. During this standoff, the Chinese...

Exclusive: Shaurya Entering Service as Top-Secret K-5 SLBM moves fast

The latest media reports suggest that after a successful test of the Shaurya missile on 03 October 2020, the Government of India has approved...
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