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China firmly opposes any form of contact between foreign officials and the Dalai Lama. Any form of contact between the US side and the Dalai clique is a violation of the US commitment to acknowledging Tibet being part of China, to not supporting ‘Tibetan Independence’, and to not supporting attempts to separate China,” Lijian said.

The spokesperson further said that the US side should “stop meddling” in China‘s internal affairs under the pretext of Tibetan affairs, and offer no support to the “Tibetan independence” forces.
The meet is expectedly irked Beijing, which considers Tibet as an integral part of China. The meeting took place in the backdrop of strained Beijing and Washington ties.

Meanwhile, Blinken after the meeting civil society leaders, including the Tibetan monk, said that US-India share a commitment to democratic values, which is the bedrock of their relationship.

“I was pleased to meet civil society leaders today. The US and India share a commitment to democratic values; this is part of the bedrock of our relationship and reflective of India’s pluralistic society and history of harmony. Civil society helps advance these values,” Blinken had tweeted. (ANI)