Indian Army at LAC
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In an astonishing development, on 07 September 2020, the Indian Army once again crossed LAC and clashed with Chinese troops on LAC in the Ladakh sector. The confirmation of what may be the second preemptive strike by the Indian Army in Ladakh came from the spokesperson of PLA Western Theater Command, Colonel Zhang Shuili stated that the Indian Army has once again crossed the Line of Actual Control in the Shenpao/God Pao mountain area on the south bank of Pangong Tso Lake.

Chinese MoD Statement
Chinese MoD Statement | PC : China MoD

As per Guarding India Sources, this incident took place on 06 September 2020, wherein PLA troops armed with primitive weapons advanced towards Indian troops holding Shenpao/ God Pao mountain which is located between Thakung and Spanggur gap area wherein on 29/30 August Indian army launched a preemptive strike. Clearly these Chinese soldiers tried to stage another incident like Galwan clashes of 15 Jun 2020 wherein PLA troops armed with primitive weapons used a similar modus operandi to ambush unarmed Indian troops. The subsequent clashes led to the sacrifice of Colonel Santosh Babu and 20 brave hearts of the Bihar Regiment while killing 35-45 Chinese troops as PLA is yet to officially acknowledge the loss.

However, this time, the Indian army was well aware of the hooliganism of the PLA and as soon as Chinese soldiers armed with primitive weapons (including nail-studded bats and rods) were detected, the Indian Army decided to give a clear warning to these PLA troops. Reportedly, the Indian Army was holding around 30-40 more solid on Shenpao mountain near the south bank of Pangong Tso Lake and they were facing more than, 200 Chinese troops.

Following rules of engagement, Indian Troops warned Chinese troops to return immediately. However, Chinese who were looking forward to another Galwan, continued to move ahead. It was at this point, Indian Army troops fired warning shots at these aggressive Chinese troops who had ignored all previous warnings of Indian troops.

The Indian fire was accurately aimed to avoid Chinese causality as well as make them understand than the Indian Army will not let another Galwan happen. Thus, the Chinese army trying to cover its blatant aggression by blaming the Indian Army for “firing warning shots on PLA border patrol soldiers who were about to negotiate” is completely baseless.

However, PLA has unleashed another diplomatic offensive as the Chinese military Spokesperson blamed “Indian actions seriously violated the relevant agreements and agreements between China and India, pushing up regional tensions, and easily causing misunderstandings and misjudgments.”

How the Indian Army Foiled another “Galwan” at Shenpao/ God Pao Mountain in Ladakh, Check Detailed YouTube Video at

PLA Western Theater command demanded that the Indian side should immediately stop dangerous actions and immediately withdraw its troops from the disputed area. Furthermore, the Chinese side demanded that the Indian Army should strictly restrain front-line troops, and strictly investigate and punish personnel who fired shots to ensure that similar incidents do not occur again. In a signature Chinese way, Western Theater Command has also issued a wailed threat by stating “Theater troops will resolutely perform their duties and missions and resolutely defend national territorial sovereignty.”

This event marks the first time since Nathu La and Cho La clashes of September – October 1967, wherein Indian and Chinese troops were involved in a major border clash which resulted in heavy Chinese causalities. This recent escalation is a serious one and we expect the official statement by India’s Ministry of Defense on 08 September 2020.
However, what Team Guarding India can access is that by firing warning shots, Indian troops have clearly avoided another Galwan type incident and have saved both nations from further escalation. However, Chinese troops again brandishing primitive weapons on Indian Troops is completely unacceptable and shall be made amply clear to the Chinese side.

Finally, the latest PLA attempted hooliganism near Shenpao/ God Pao mountain on the south bank of Pangong Tso Lake clearly shows that China is not interested in the de-escalation of the ongoing Ladakh standoff and the Indian Army should prepare accordingly.

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