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In an astonishing development, news coming from Ladakh suggests that the Indian Army carried out a pre-emptive strike on LAC and outsmarted Chinese troops in a race to occupy a dominating height on the southern bank of Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh. This will not only give the Indian Army a better observation but enable it to keep dominance on recently constructed Chinse posts in the same area. As per reports, on the night of 29-30 August, a special operations unit of the Indian Army quietly moved in and occupied these heights without alerting Chinse troops who were within a few hundred meters. In fact, this action was so swift that Chinese troops were caught sleeping and woke up the next morning only to see Indian Tricolor flying over the hill located at few hundred meters from them. We have updated this on our official twitter handle as well.

As per reliable sources that it was India’s secretive Special Frontier Force (SFF) that accomplished this herculean feat. The swift occupation of this hill feature in the vicinity of Reqin & spanggur, which is located at the Southern bank of Pangong Tso Lake will ensure the Indian Army can now control the entire southern bank of Pangong Tso irrespective of Chinese designs.

What makes this victory remarkable, this peak was located just in front of the Chinese post and was reportedly in the buffer zone which is on the Indian side of the LAC which was being claimed by China. The occupation of this peak will enable the Indian Army to cut off any Chinese movements by accurate artillery shelling. This means, during clashes, the Indian Army may cut off the only road connecting Chinese posts to their supply bases. Reportedly, the Indian Army took this step as the Chinese Army has refused to move back despite numerous rounds of both diplomatic and military commander talks which have not yielded any results.

This swift move by Indian troops has annoyed, PLA as Western Theater Command has blamed Indian troops for violating the consensus reached during “multi-level talks” which as per the Indian side remain inconclusive. The Chinese Army was planning to delay the Indian Army until winters by protracted talks and use winters to change the status quo forever. However, this swift and decisive action by the Indian Army has demonstrated that if the Chinese Army is planning to spend winter in Leh they might have to face Indian attacks.

This operation of the Indian Army has clearly escalated the ongoing standoff and has amply demonstrated the Chinese Army that India will not yield to Chinese designs. On the other hand, this move will also increase pressure on PLA for the early resolution of the Ladakh standoff. Keep following Guarding India for more updates.

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