Kabul Explosion
PC : Reuters

The first explosion occurred in Dasht-e-Barchi in District 13 of western Kabul and resulted in several injured. The second blast went off in a different neighbourhood of the same district, but there are no reports of any injured individuals yet.

The media reported an explosion in the Dasht-e Barchi area of Kabul. The accident is said to have been caused by a magnetic mine explosion and targeted a vehicle. Two people were reportedly injured in the blast. pic.twitter.com/o7SBSlleTF— Tehran Times (@TehranTimes79) September 18, 2021

Earlier this year, as foreign troops began leaving the country, the Taliban* sped up their offensive. On 15 August, the Taliban entered Kabul, causing many foreigners and Afghans who had worked with foreign forces to rush to the airport in the hopes of escaping. The evacuation was made even more chaotic by several attacks claimed by a local branch of the Daesh* terrorist group. The Taliban said shortly after entering Kabul that the group would not allow any terrorist organisation to operate in Afghanistan.

On 31 August, US troops left Afghanistan, putting an end to a nearly 20-year mission there. Several weeks later, the organisation proclaimed control over the province of Panjshir, once the last holdout to Taliban power in the war-ravaged nation. This was followed by the Taliban announcing the composition of the country’s provisional government*The Taliban and Daesh are terrorist groups banned in Russia and many other countries.