BSF Personnel on Pakistan Border

Alert troops of India’s Border Security Force (BSF) have successfully foiled attempts to infiltrate the international border in the Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir, officials said on Sunday.

According to a BSF spokesman, their officers at Mangu Chak Border Outpost area of Ghagwal sector observed some suspicious movement of four or five possible terrorists on the night between 26 and 27 September.

“After seeing suspicious movement, our troops fired several rounds of small arms towards the Pakistan side,” a senior BSF official told Sputnik adding that Pakistan Rangers retaliated with 70 to 80 small arms fire.

The exchange of gunfire continued for about half an hour and the people who had been moving around suspiciously returned to the Pakistani side under cover of the firing.

Another BSF official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said no one was injured in the firing and revealed that a massive search operation was launched on Sunday morning to sanitise the area. “The search operation is on but no incriminating material has been recovered so far,” he added.

India’s security forces recently revealed that Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has planned to flood India’s Jammu and Kashmir with weapons before winter to create unrest in the valley. Intelligence reports mooted that China had instructed Pakistan to do so.

The Indian security agencies have learnt that ISI has procured a huge number of Hexacopters from a Chinese firm associated with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the pretext of protecting CPEC’s assets.

“ISI has analysed the rules of engagement followed by Indian Security forces that we do not fire when an intruder along the Line of Control is seen without a weapon. Therefore, their modus operandi is for terrorists to infiltrate the region without weapons with the weapons being sent separately by drone or other means. This has been instituted to reduce the risk of terrorists getting eliminated at the Line of Control itself,” an official of Indian Security Agency, requesting anonymity revealed.

As per the Government data, security agencies have recovered several EMEI type-97 NSR rifles manufactured by the Chinese business, Norinco. The same weapon is used by Chinese soldiers and these were recently given to the Pakistan Frontier Force as a part of CPEC.