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The Special Forces of any country are the guarantee of the security of that country because the Special Forces are used for top-secret operations, VVIP security, and anti-terrorist operations. In today’s Guarding India exclusive we will tell you all the details about the Top 5 Special Forces of India. We have created this list of the operational capabilities of these Special Forces.

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At Number 5, we have the National Security Guard (NSG).

NSG is considered the best counterterrorism and anti-hijacking force in India. NSG was established on 22 September 1986 and its Headquarters is located in New Delhi. NSG Commandos are also called ‘Black Cats’ because they wear a black dress. The major difference between NSG Commandos and other Special Forces on this list is the fact that NSG Commandos are raised for internal security.

NSG Commando
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The best Commando Units of the National Security Guard are called 51 and 52 Special Action Group. They are also referred as 51 SAG and 52 SAG which are located in New Delhi. The commandos of this unit are recruited Indian Armed Forces. 51 SAG is trained for counter-terrorism operations and 52 SAG is trained for anti-hijacking operations. For operating in any corner of India, NSG Commandos have dedicated planes and helicopters of the Indian Air Force which can be launched immediately after receiving the information about any terrorist attack.

Besides that NSG also has Special Ranger Group (SRG) Commandos which are made from the Central Armed Police Forces (CAFP) which are used in tasks like counter-terrorism and VIP security.

NSG Commandos have conducted a lot of operations and the most famous NSG operation is Operation Black Tornado which was conducted after the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack. During this operation, NSG Commandos evacuated 300 hostages from Taj Hotel, 250 hostages from Oberoi Hotel, and 60 hostages from the Nariman House. NSG Commandos have some of the most advanced weapons, few of which are quite different. For example, NSG Commandos have Black Hornet Nano UAV which is a hand-sized UAV. NSG commandos mostly use SIG MPX, MP-9 carbines, and Glock-17 pistols.

At Number Number 4, we have Indian Army Para Commandos.

This is a special force created by the Indian Army and it is called PARA SF. This is the second oldest Special Force of India which was created during the 1965 India-Pakistan War. Presently Indian Army has 9 Para Commando Battalions, out of these which 9 PARA SF is the oldest Para Commando Unit. The biggest identity of the Para Commandos is the maroon paratrooper beret and Balidan batch. Indian Para Commandos use Israeli IWI Tavor TAR-21 rifle.

Each Para Commando Battalion is trained for operating in a different terrain of India. For example, 1 PARS SF is trained in mountain warfare, 4 and 9 PARA SF are trained for anti-terrorist operations in Kashmir and 10 Para SF is considered best for a desert areas.

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Indian Army Para Commandos are a tactical force whose commandos are trained to infiltrate behind enemy lines during the war and attack on enemy areas by conducting trans-border operations. Many operations of Indian Para Commandos are quite famous. On 09 June 2015, Para Commandos of 21 PARA SF carried out a surgical strike on terrorist camps located inside Myanmar which was India’s first surgical strike.

To avenge the Uri Attack of 18 Sep 2016, on 29 September 2016, Indian Para Commandos simultaneously crossed the Line of Control (LoC) at several points and attacked terrorist camps which are now known as Uri Surgical Strike. However, besides these operations, Indian Para Commandos continuously carry out a lot of operations and are used extensively in anti-terrorist operations. Additionally, Indian Army Para Commandos also provide security to the Indian Army chief and Defence Ministry office at South Block.

At Number 3 we have MARCOS.

MARCOS word is an abbreviated version of Marine Commandos and they are special forces of the Indian Navy. Officially it is called as the Marine Commando Force or MCF. MARCOS are Indian special forces akin to US Navy Seal Team Six or Royal Marine Commandos. Like Indian Army Para Commandos, MARCOS Commandos mostly use IWI Tavor TAR-21 rifles.

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MARCOS are selected from the sailors of the Indian Navy sailors and their training is so tough that 98 percent of all applicants fail in this training. All MARCOS Commandos are trained for not only operating on air, land, and sea operations but also for underwater operations. At any point in time, MARCOS Commandos are deployed on the Indian Navy task force and submarines so that they can undertake any kind of operations. For their legendary operations in Kashmir’s Wular lake, MARCOS are also called “Dadhi wali Fauj”. MARCOS Commandos secure the top-secret bases of the Indian Navy and also provide security cover to the Indian Navy Chief.

At Number 2 we have Special Frontier Force (SFF).

This is a secretive special force of India which was raised during the 1962 India-China war for conducting operations against the Chinese People’s Liberation Army inside Tibet. Special Frontier Force is also called Establishment 22 and it is based at Chakrata cantonment of Uttarakhand.

This force operates under India’s External Intelligence Agency Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW). Special Frontier Force has both Tibetan and Gurkha soldiers due to which they are called “Dalai Lama Fauj” in Tibet. SFF Commandos are trained for mountain warfare and for operating behind enemy lines operations. Multiple SFF operations are considered legendary. In the 1971 India Pakistan War, 3000 SFF Commandos were sent to the Chittagong area of East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh) for attacking the Pakistan Army bases. During this operation against Pakistan Army, SFF Commandos worked with such perfection and secrecy that they were nicknamed as “Phantoms of Chittagong” because Pakistan Army never saw the incoming attack on SFF Commandos, and nor Pakistan Army could stop these attacks.

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During the India China Standoff of 2020, SFF Commandos were tasked to capture the Kailash mountain range located on the Southern bank of Pangong Tso. The surgical strike of SFF Commandos was so fast and so swift that the Chinese Army could only know about this when they saw Indian Tricolour flying on the mountain peaks.

SFF has six Commando Battalions which are called as Vikas battalion. These battalions are controlled by an Indian Army Major General rank officer who is called Inspector General SFF means IG SFF who reports to R&AW. SFF is the only Indian special force that has women commandos which are called 22 Girls.

Coming on the number 1 Special Force of India.

In the world of special forces and Intelligence agencies say that “the best operations will always be a secret” because at no point any government will not disclose its best special forces and their operations. That is why very limited information is available on India’s best special forces unit. This unit is called Special Group and the best commandos from SFF, Indian Army Para Commandos, and MARCOS are selected for this unit. This is special force is controlled by R&AW. These Commandos are directly controlled by the National Security Advisor and the Prime Mister of India. These Special Group commandos are the best-trained agents of India and they are trained to perform all kinds of secret military operations.

Ajit Doval
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They operate outside India in foreign countries due to which most of their operations are illegal in that country. While inside India, Special Group Commandos wear a completely black dress, and during the foreign missions, they operate in civil dress. Amongst all special forces, they have the most advanced weapons and they use R&AW’s Aviation Research Center (ARC) aircraft and helicopters. I would like to tell you that recently, a fugitive businessman is being discussed in India and this operation may have been conducted by the Special Group. However, most likely, no official statement will ever be issued on this subject. Each operation of the Special Group is so daring in itself that it can become the storyline for any super hit film.

Finally, on behalf of Team Guarding India I would like to say that we have not covered many Indian special forces like Garud Commandos of Indian Air Force, Ghatak Forces of Indian Army, CoBRA Commandos of CRPF, ITBP Commandos and various special forces of Indian State Governments special forces like JK Police SOG, Punjab Police Commandos and UP Anti-Terrorism Squad.