In 2020, the Indian Army ordered new light machine guns from Israel and in the next one or two months, this Light Machine Gun (LMG) will be delivered to Indian Army troops. This new squad-level weapon of the Indian Army is very potent and in today’s Guarding India Exclusive we will be covering this new weapon of the Indian Army.

You may watch our YouTube video on Negev NG-7 LMG or may continue reading this article for more details.

In any ground conflict like Ladakh Standoff or the 1999 Kargil War, the Light Machine Gun is the most important weapon for any soldier because it provides intimate support to soldiers allowing them to bring down effectively fire and move ahead in critical moments. Presently, the Indian Army has two types of machine guns first being Belgian 7.62 mm FN MAG which is Medium Machine Gun (MMG), and the second is ‘Made in India’ 5.56 mm INSAS LMG.

INSAS | PC : File Photo

INSAS means Indian Small Arms System and INSAS LMG has been developed in India by DRDO as part of INSAS rifle family. Indian Army first used INSAS rifles in the Kargil war and found serious deficiencies in this desi weapon. Thereafter, for the last 10 to 15 years, the Indian Army is trying to replace INSAS LMG with a better weapon. Finally, in 2020, things changed for good when Indian Defence Ministry ordered Israeli Negev LMG at the cost of Rs 880 crore. This new LMG will replace vulnerable INSAS LMG in the Indian Army service.

The full name of this new LMG of the Indian Army is Negev NG7 Light Machine Gun and it has been developed by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). It is a very advanced Machine gun that fires 7.62x51mm bullets and weighs only 8 kgs which is far lesser in comparison to other Light Machine Guns of the world.

The Negev NG7 LMG has a range of 1000 meters which is nearly double the range of INSAS LMG. Negev NG-7 LMG has two operating modes. The first mode is the semi-automatic mode in which accurate aimed fire can be achieved and the second is the fully automatic mode in which Negev NG7 fires continuously. At its max fire rate, Negev NG-7 LMG can fire 950 to 1150 rounds per minute. For reducing the magazine change time Negev NG7 LMG uses a 100 or 125 round drum magazine which will be far better than 30 round magazine of INSAS LMG. Additionally, Negev NG7 LMG has the option of using an M-27 disintegrating belt which removes the necessity to change magazines in terrorist encounters or conventional clashes where a heavy volume of continuous fire is required to support own troops.

IWI Negev | PC : Wikipedia

Coming onto few unique qualities of Negev NG-7 LMG which made it favourite of the Indian Army. Actually, in the name of Negev NG-7 LMG means NG ka Next Generation. It is a futuristic weapon that was designed in 2012 and it has been designed to meet modern challenges in hostile terrain conditions. Due to this, Negev NG-7 LMG has emerged as a combat-proven Light Machine Gun which provides infantry and special forces with assured and devastating fire support in any situation.

Any Light Machine Gun in the world has two formidable enemies, first enemy is water or moist while the second enemy is called dust and mud. Due to its advanced design, Negev NG-7 LMG is immune to these two factors. If you watch Guarding India YouTube Video on Negev NG-7 LMG then you will find this LMG is being continuously fired in rains and water. In this condition, most of the LMGs will stop working while Negev NG-7 LMG can continue firing accurately.

Negev NG7 LMG
Negev NG7 LMG | PC : IWI

Now coming onto the second enemy of any LMG which is the dust and slush which can jam moving parts of any machine parts even leading to situations like barrel bulge. Now you can see in the same video that a Negev NG-7 LMG has been covered with mud completely. In this condition, all the other LMGs of the world will be jammed and will require considerable cleaning before firing. However, Negev NG-7 LMG can be picked up from the mud and can be fired directly without any cleaning

It is due to these two capabilities, Negev NG-7 LMG is considered a very reliable weapon and that’s why the Indian Army has selected this weapon because in any condition it allows Indian Army troops to bring down devastating and accurate fire on enemy troops.

Finally, on behalf of Team Guarding India, I would like to tell you that Negev NG-7 LMG is a very effective weapon that will improve the firepower of Indian infantry and special forces. Presently, the Indian Army has already received 8,000 Negev NG-7 LMG which will be distributed to Indian Army troops, and the rest of the LMGs will also be delivered within 2021.