New Delhi: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is preparing for the launch of the new next-generation anti-radiation missile (also known as Rudram) very shortly.

It is a tactical, air-launched missile that detects enemy radar positions and then, seeks and destroys them. This means that the missile, fired from an aircraft about 100 km from the target, will detect it, home on to it, and destroy it. The destruction of radar systems will blind the enemy making it easier for the Indian Air Force to attack other targets. The NGARM can be fired from IAF fighters like the Sukhoi-30 and the Mirage-2000. It is accurate and can track a radar system even if it is not operating. 

The NGARM is yet another missile being readied. While several launches have happened, today’s launch, if successful, will then allow for its serial production, placing it in the arsenal of the armed forces. The launch comes in the wake of the recent successful launches of the strategic long-range Agni-P and the tactical surface to surface Pralay missiles.