Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari
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NEW DELHI: Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari has said that India’s security scenario is influenced by unstable neighbours with unsettled borders, which could be a flashpoint in the future.

Speaking at an event in Delhi, the Air Force chief stressed the need for India to “reassess priorities and realign actions,” to ensure the country is not found wanting.

Speaking on the country’s changing approach towards border security, he said “Strategically, we’re making a transition from fighting a predominantly defensive war to adopting a more aggressive approach for an offensive defence under the nuclear umbrella.”

Chaudhuri also spoke on the twin challenges emanating from Pakistan and China, both with histories of aggression on Indian borders.

Pakistan is unlikely to shed it’s Kashmir0centric strategy and sponsorship of terrorism, Chaudhari said.

“Pakistan armed forces have formulated a new concept of war-fighting and has acquired and equipped itself with latest tech, aircraft and upgraded its defence capabilities,” the Ait Force chief said.

China, he said, “poses a significant & long-term challenge to India’s strategic goals,” with its air force having enhanced military capabilities in equipment and infrastructure. IAF needs to rapidly modernize, expand its fleet and improve indigenous manufacturing capabilities to deal with the challenge, Chaudhari said.