Upgraded Mig-29 Fighter of IAF

The Indian defence forces are enhancing their operational capabilities, technological advancements and preparedness to counter the threats of a two-front war along the Eastern and Western borders. All the three services are not only undergoing a multi-dimensional transformation but also preparing to check and challenge the adversaries.

The Indian Air Force has been actively flying its war planes in the Eastern Ladakh sector amidst the stand-off between India and China. The Rafales, Su-30 and Mig 29 fighter aircrafts are undertaking active sorties in the region.The latest pictures of Mig 29 upgrade aircrafts posted by the Indian Air Force on its twitter handle shows how these crafts have been deployed in Ladakh for over a year now.

Similar pictures of Rafale aircrafts flying majestically over snow clad peaks of Ladakh were posted by the IAF on Tuesday. IAF has 14 Rafale aircrafts in its fleet while the second squadron is all set to be raised at Hashimara West Bengal. The latest pictures shared by IAF show the upgraded MiG 29 aircrafts in the Ladakh region. India currently has three squadrons of the MiG-29 – a twin-engine single-seat air superiority fighter aircraft. One squadron comprises 18 aircraft and more than 40 Mig 29s have been upgraded with latest missile and avionic systems in-house by the IAF. The enhancements in the Upgraded MiG 29 Zhuk-ME AESA radar for muti-role capability:

  • Increase in weapon payload to 4,500 kg on 7 hard points R-77RVV-AE air-to-air missile.
  • Anti-ship missile Kh-35E Smart laser-guided bombs.
  • Introduction of new weapon control system OLS-UEM IRST sensor with the laser, thermal-imaging and television capabilities 40% increase in range on internal fuel to 2,100 km
  • Mid-air refuelling with retractable inflight probe
  • New Series 3 RD-33 engines made in India
  • Improved glass cockpit with multi-function display
  • Secure data link system

Besides the Upgradation of the MiG 29, India might procure more of MiG 29 to enhance its fire power. The deployment of MiG 29 aircrafts along the Ladakh region have given India a strategic edge over the assertive neighbour. The IAF along with the Navy and Army are together preparing for the Summer haul in the region.