Photo released by the Israeli Ministry of Defense captures the moment that a drone is targeted with Israel's newly-announced, high-powered laser system seconds before being intercepted.

New Delhi: Keeping in mind the needs of modern-day warfare, the Indian Army is planning to buy Medium Range Precision Kill System (MRPKS) so that it can destroy enemy targets with precision and minimum collateral damage. The Army said there is an urgent requirement to procure MRPKS capable of day and night acquisition and precision engagement of targets.

MRPKS are unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) that can provide a breakthrough against dynamic and well-protected static targets by real-time acquisition and precision strike. MRPKS once launched can ‘loiter’ in the air and provide real-time imagery to the operator on the ground.

The Army’s Request for Information clearly stated that the weapon system should be indigenously designed and the ‘Indian vendors’ will have to participate in the Make II Category for development and procurement of 10 sets of MRPKS under Buy Indian (IDDM) category of Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020 (DAP-2020).

The MRPKS will be used to equip the artillery units to engage the following types of permanent and dynamic targets in plains, deserts, semi-desert, mountainous terrain and high altitude areas.

The Army has listed the following characteristics which MRPKS should possess:

Range – 40 Km.
Accuracy – 5 meters CEP.
Launch Altitude – 4000 meters or more.
Warhead Weight – > 8 kg.
Warhead Types – High Explosive Pre Fragmented (HEPF) and anti-armour.
Endurance. The munition should have endurance of minimum 2 hours.
Loiter Altitude. Capability to loiter above ground level at an altitude of minimum 1000 meters.

Army inked contract to acquire ‘Skystriker’ drones

In September 2021, the Army inked a contract to acquire 120 payload-capable ‘Skystriker’ drones. The Skystriker drones will be manufactured in Bengaluru by Adani’s Alpha Design in collaboration with Israel’s Elbit System. 

Elbit Systems described SkyStriker “as a silent, invisible and surprise attacker, that delivers the utmost in precision and reliability, providing a critical advantage in the modern battlefield”.