Chinese Latest AR-QBZ-95B Recovered from terrorists in Kashmir
PC : Guarding India

In what may be called new evidence of Chinese meddling and direct abetment of Pakistani terrorist activities in Kashmir, the latest “Made in China” QBZ-95B assault rifle has been recovered by the Indian Army troops during an anti-terrorist operation in the Gurez sector of LoC in Kashmir. This is the first time such a sophisticated Chinese weapon has been recovered from Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir and this event may have a far-reaching implication on India-China relations. Thus, Team Guarding India brings you an exclusive article covering this earth-shattering development in Kashmir valley.

On 14 September 2020, Srinagar based Chinar Corps of the Indian Army, received specific input of the infiltration of Pakistani terrorists in Gurez Sector on the Line of Control (LoC). Immediately, Indian Army troops were put on high alert and suspicious movement was detected on the Pakistani side. The movement of these terrorists was tracked, Special Forces Commandos were placed at estimated infiltration routes, contact was established, and the infiltration bid was foiled. Subsequently, on the morning of 15 September 2020, a weapon cache was recovered from the encounter site which consisted of one assault rifle with 135 rounds, three pistols with five magazines, and 120 rounds. Furthermore, 4 meters of cortex explosive wire and four rucksacks were also recovered. You can see the Chinar Corps tweet of this operation which was called OP Azad.

While this recovery looks as normal as any other weapon caches recovered elsewhere on LoC. However, this one was different as it contained evidence of new Chinese assistance to Pakistani terrorists. The Indian Army troops were surprised to find a brand new Chinese QBZ-95 assault rifle that was wrapped in digital camouflage. While the Indian Army is accustomed to recovering lightweight Chinese hand grenades and Chinese steel core AK-47 bullets which are the capability of piercing bullet-proof jackets worn by Indian Army soldiers. But the recovery of the Chinese QBZ-95 assault rifle which is a modern bullpup assault rifle manufactured by China’s state-owned arms company Norinco astonished the Indian Army.

QBZ95 (also known as Type 95)
QBZ95B | PC : Nazarian

The official name of Norinco is “China Ordnance Industries Group Corporation Limited” which is a state-owned weapon manufacturing company that serves the Chinese government. Norinco supplies the QBZ-95 assault rifle to all three services of the People’s Liberation Army (Chinese Army) and to Chinese law enforcement agencies. This rifle has been exported only to a very limited number of countries that include Pakistan too. Even in Pakistan, only SOG (Special Operations Group) of Frontier Corps which is a paramilitary force controlling Afghanistan Pakistan border uses it. Thus, there is no way that QBZ-95, which is the most advanced Chinese assault rifle, can be procured by any Pakistani terrorist organization unless it has been officially handed over to terrorist organizations by Frontier Corps of Pakistan after due approval of Chinese authorities.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the recovered rifle is the QBZ-95B version which has never been officially exported as QBZ-95B has a shortened barrel which you can see on the picture released by Chinar Corps of Indian Army. The export version of the QBZ-95 assault rifle is branded as a QBZ-97 assault rifle which has a longer barrel with a distinct flash eliminator. Therefore, all possibilities point towards Chinese approval of Pakistan’s plan for supplying the latest “Made in China” QBZ-95B assault rifles to Pakistani terrorists for waging a proxy war against India.

Norinco Type 97
Norinco Type 97 | PC : Norinco

So why Pakistan and China decided to supply the latest QBZ-95B assault rifles to terrorists in Kashmir? The answer is pretty simple after the Indian army inducted the new US-made Sig Sauer SIG-716 assault rifles in Kashmir valley by an emergency procurement sanctioned by the Modi government, the Indian Army had a distinct advantage against the terrorists. Now, Indian Army troops armed with SIG 716 rifles were able to target terrorists at the range of 600 meters which completely outclassed AK-47 rifles carried by the Pakistani terrorists as AK-47 can only fire till 400 meters.

Initially, the Pakistan Army and ISI tried supplying terrorists with US-made M-4 assault rifles that were captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. However, M-4 Rifles were not widely available, and Indian agencies could immediately track the exact origin of US-made rifles. Thus, apparently, Pakistan has now turned to China for supplying the latest “Made in China” QBZ-95B rifle to Pakistani terrorists. The QBZ-95B rifle has an effective range of 600 meters that is comparable to US-made SIG 716 used by Indian Army soldiers.

By supplying its latest QBZ-95B assault rifles to Pakistani terrorists, China has demonstrated its open support for Pakistani proxy war against India and has risked further deteriorating India-China relations that are already at nadir since the Ladakh standoff. The Indian public is already infuriated by Galwan incident and the latest meddling in Kashmir by providing the latest QBZ-95B assault rifles to Pakistani terrorists will further alienate Chinese companies inside India.

Finally, this revelation is so explosive in nature that Srinagar based Chinar Corps of Indian Army posted the details and photographs of the recovered weapons cache which included a QBZ-95B assault rifle.

photograph of recovered weapons cache
Photograph of recovered weapons cache on 14 September 2020 by Indian Army | PC : Indian Army

Team Guarding India estimates that the discovery of the QBZ-95B assault rifle on LoC may be used by the Government of India for launching a full-scale diplomatic offensive for naming and shaming China for abetting terrorist activities in Kashmir valley.