Myanmar Coast Guard vessels
PC : Myanmar Coast Guard

Myanmar has inaugurated its first coastguard service.

The agency was inaugurated on 6 October at Thilawa Port in Yangon. Brigadier General Ko Ko Kyaw has been appointed as the service’s director-general.

The Myanmar Coast Guard was launched with an initial fleet of four patrol vessels that were previously in service with the Myanmar Navy.

Among these were the vessels bearing the pennant numbers P 311 and P 312. Janes satellite imagery analysis suggests that P 311 is a 47 m coastal patrol craft, while P 312 is a missile patrol craft with the same overall length.

Each vessel displaces approximately 213 tonnes, and has a breadth of 7 m, and a draught of 1.7 m. The platform is powered by two diesel engines, and it can attain a top speed of 30 kt. Each vessel can accommodate a crew of 41.