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Exclusive: How Indian DRDO did a surgical strike on Chinese minds

While the nation is closely following the ongoing India China standoff in Ladakh the DRDO has silently pulled up a coup that can now be considered akin to a psychological surgical strike...

Exclusive: Shaurya Entering Service as Top-Secret K-5 SLBM moves fast

The latest media reports suggest that after a successful test of the Shaurya missile on 03 October 2020, the Government of India has approved the induction of 700 kilometers range Shaurya missile...

Exclusive: India Successfully Tested China Killer Shaurya Missile

On 03 October 2020, India successfully test-fired a new version of The Shaurya ballistic missile which can hit targets beyond 800 km range from the DRDO testing range. https://twitter.com/guardingindia/status/1312295518140211201?s=20 The successful test flight...

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