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Indian Army receives 50 percent of ordered US Sig Sauer 716 Rifles

The Uzbekistan Army has been learning to handle Sig Sauer assault rifles from the Indian Army during the joint exercise that is happening currently in Chaubatia of Ranikhet district, said senior military...

Exclusive: Indian Army orders 72,000 SIG-716 Assault Rifles For Ladakh

On 28 September 2020, India’s Defence Acquisitions Council (DAC) cleared the purchase of 72,000 SIG-716 Assault Rifles for Indian Army.

Indian MoD Approves 72,000 Rifles and Anti Runway bombs

NEW DELHI: The defence ministry on Monday approved arms acquisitions worth another Rs 2,290 crore, including the procurement of 72,000 more assault rifles from the US, amid the ongoing military confrontation in...

Exclusive: Why Indian Army is ordering 72,000 SIG-716 Rifles From US

On 12 Jul 2020, citing credible sources Guarding India reported that the Indian Army is about to place an order for 72,000 SIG-716 Assault Rifles which will be in addition to already...

72000 More US SIG 716 Assualt Rifles Will be Ordered for Indian Army

New Delhi , July 12 (ANI): Amid the ongoing dispute with China over boundary issue, the Indian Army is going to place another order of 72,000 Sig 716 assault rifles from the...

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