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China plans to build 76 submarines in the next 10 years

The Chinese navy’s submarine force isn’t getting much bigger. But it is getting a whole lot better. That’s the conclusion of the U.S. Congressional Research Service’s latest report on Chinese military power.

Myanmar showcases new (Indian) submarine in naval drills

The Myanmar Navy – Tamadaw Yay – has publicly displayed its lone submarine at its ongoing Fleet Exercise 2020 (Exercise ‘Bandoola’), which kicked off on 15 October.

Fifth Scorpene submarine joining Indian Navy within six months

Defence public sector undertaking (PSU) Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders (MDSL) will hand over its fifth Scorpene-class submarine to the Indian Navy by the end of this year or early next year, a top company...

Chinese Nuclear Shipyard Expanded as more PLAN nuclear submarines roll out

Photos taken by the South Korean reconnaissance satellite Arirang-2 on September 19 show the Bohai Shipyard at Huludao, in China’s Liaoning Province, is in the midst of a major expansion...

Why India is giving submarine to Myanmar Navy

India is giving INS Sindhuvir, a Kilo-class submarine in service with the Indian Navy since 1988, to Myanmar, the Ministry of External Affairs has said. The submarine...

Why Indian submarine hunter is flying over the Himalayas

Earlier today (9 October) an Open Source Intelligence handle on Twitter, @detresfa, revealed that a P-8I aircraft of the Indian Navy was flying over Himachal Pradesh, possibly headed towards Ladakh, where India...

Incoming Chinese AIP Submarines For Pakistan Navy

The eight Type-039B ‘Hangor Class’ submarines will be a major boost to the Pakistan Navy. They will more than double the size of the Pakistan Navy’s submarine fleet.

Type 93 Submarines – New Silent Killers in the Chinese Navy

Since launching the first of the Shang-class in the early 2000s, the PLA Submarine Force has launched two improved versions of the Shang-class, which would in all likelihood be even quieter than...

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Chinese manipulation in Ladakh

Amid talks of military disengagement, China has made some mischievous contrivances that can’t be ignored. A day after the seventh round of...

India getting 5 Theatre Commands, dedicated ones for Pakistan and China

The Indian military is expected to be reorganised under five theatre commands by 2022 with defined areas of operation and a seamless...
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