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Exclusive: Why The Indian Army trusting T-72 Ajeya tanks for LAC?

As you all know that due to India China Standoff in Ladakh, the Indian Army has deployed T-72 Ajeya and T-90 Bhishma tanks on LAC. Team Guarding India has already covered the...

Why Chinese Light Tanks will not survive hits by Indian T-90 & T-72 Tanks

New Delhi: Engaged in a stand-off with the Chinese Army for over five months now, tank commanders of the Indian Army strongly feel that the Chinese light tanks won`t be able to...

Indian Army T-90 and T-72 fighting at 18000 feet and in minus 40 degrees

Amid efforts to resolve the issue through dialogue between India and China, the Indian Army has geared up to take on its adversary, if needed. In view of China's military activities, the...

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